Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Awarded by the internationally recognised and world renown hypnotherapist Rick Collingwood, The Australian Academy of Hypnosis.

Approved Sheila Granger Virtual Gastric Band


Trained by award winning Jason Linett, Virgina Hypnosis, an approved trainer for Sheila Granger.  

Certified Autoimmune Hypnosis Practitioner

Sheila Granger

Cancer and Disease Hypnosis Practitioner

Rick Collingwood

Qualified Nurse, Certified Pharmacy Assistant, Qualified Trainer & Assessor, Registered Training Organisation Management and Compliance

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Specialising in Stress & Weight Matters


Like many people, I have experienced stress and weight issues.


My mind has constantly battled the bulge and standing only 155cm tall, when I carry extra weight it shows... a lot. Recently, as I experienced a high level of stress I lost over 20kg sure, I had it to lose but I lost it very, very quickly. Stress had depleted my immune and digestive system and, the result aged me by 10 years. I knew this because someone kindly told me! 


After addressing the stress, I regained weight only, I had a little too much fun with that. While I did not regain all the excess weight. I  gained more than I wanted.

Thankfully, since discovering the Virtual Gastric Band I have used it for myself and I am sensibly reducing my weight to a healthier level - even while experiencing menopause!

Stress is insidious because it creeps up on you without you noticing its effects. It is especially crippling when it comes from work and personal environments at the same time. Know this, it may start in one area but if its ongoing it generally flows over to the other areas of your life. Thus everyone is affected.


Constant and ongoing stress will affect you and your relationships at home and work. Stress can lead to anxiety and depression but if you choose to think differently you can develop emotional intelligence. This results in you being able to manage highly charged emotional situations much better. 

Begin to think differently 

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, my focus is to lead you to your desired outcome.

Together we will continue to work to achieve the most beneficial result. The techniques and various protocols I use to help you shift a thought pattern can be applied without you having to disclosing details of the matter. So, if a matter is of a confidential nature, it can remain that way.


Hypnosis helps you to think differently, to view the matter from another perspective, a more beneficial view point. This new perspective is already held in your subconscious mind. You simply haven't tapped into it long enough for it to become a positive, more beneficial thought pattern.


That’s where I come in, I will guide you to tap into that part of your subconscious mind so that a more beneficial perspective can come to the forefront while at the same time your mind pushes the old thought pattern or behaviour away.


Soon the more beneficial thought pattern takes hold and simply becomes your reality, naturally as if it has always been.

You can change the way you think

Are you willing?



Published Murray Community Paper, August 2018

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