Relax & Recharge


R&R helps you to relax into a deep meditative state.

Such a deep relaxed state allows the mind and body to naturally heal and recover.

You will feel a calm and peacefulness about yourself that you haven't felt in a long time.

Available in single 60 minute Session

Why not treat yourself or someone you care about.



A Healing State of Mind

Relaxation, meditation and hypnosis are all practices used to engage specific brainwave frequencies or brain states where change and healing can occur. Beneficial brain states such as alpha (light relaxation, trance and meditation), theta (deep trance) and delta (sleep) all induce the mind and body to a state where they can improve and heal themselves. Hypnosis is effective when used to restore the mind and body back to balance and health.

R&R uses hypnosis to induce brainwave states allowing the mind to work harmoniously with the body’s systems to repair and renew cells and not only protect and defend but enhance and improve all parts of itself. Your mind and body can heal themselves given the right conditions. R&R aims to improve the quality of your life and reduce the negative side-effects of stress, medication, chemotherapy and radiation or other invasive treatment.

And here is why…

Your thinking, conscious mind, your mind that makes decisions and judges you, operates at the beta brain state level. Remember the placebo effect - your thoughts are powerful, so make them positive, uplifting and loving and your body will produce happy hormones and endorphins. A stressed, anxious and depressed mind feeds cortisol and adrenaline to your body – these are the fight-or-flight chemicals – meaning you’re ready to run or fight. If you’re unable to stop these chemicals from being released, you will eventually start to experience illness and disease because the body can’t heal itself naturally in this state. Your feelings, which become thoughts, do matter, a lot. Relaxation, meditation and hypnosis can help calm a troubled mind.

Stimulate Your Body's Own Natural Healing Response

The right condition for your body to heal itself is when it is experiencing the release of happy hormones and endorphins, thus reducing any cortisol and/or adrenaline you may be producing. To reach a brain state of healing you need to enter the alpha, theta or delta state and you can do this through relaxation, meditation and hypnosis.

R&R uses hypnosis to lead you from the beta brainwave frequency to alpha and theta brain states, although for a time you may enter delta. While you are in these different brainwave frequencies, you are in the right state for your mind and body to naturally and safely begin to rewire itself. As your mind and body connect, parts of you begin to regenerate, including the hippocampus which is part of your limbic system, the part of you that regulates your emotions.

As your mind enters the healing states, happy hormones and chemicals, such as serotonin, endorphins, and gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) are released, while cortisol and adrenaline, the chemicals that keep you anxious or depressed, are reduced. Your immune system benefits as various antibodies strengthen and become better fighting machines against viruses, bacteria, even cancer. Your longevity increases as the natural disintegration of telomeres is slowed down and your aging cycle is interrupted by boosting the dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) in your body.


Are you beginning to be amazed at how incredible your mind and body is at renewing and repairing itself through R&R?


But it doesn’t end there, you can enhance and improve your insula cortex, hippocampus, amygdala and pre-fontal cortex functions, which means you begin to think more clearly and become more compassionate, insightful and creative.

Allow Yourself to Feel Better Right Now

A R&R session will improve your immune system and strengthen your nervous system and your overall mind-body wellness. Discover how much better you manage stressful situations and with a calmer mind you’re able to see things in their true perspective.

R&R is a powerful boost for your mind and body to rebalance and restore itself as much as possible and improve the quality of your life.