Blocks and Restrictions Reading

Blocks and Restrictions Reading

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The Soul Realignment Reading includes Soul Profile and Blocks and Restrictions.


I recommend you understand who you are at soul level (soul profile) before purchasing a blocks and restrictions reading. If you understand your divine gifts and sould group wonderful, go ahead and purchase this reading.


When you do not know who you are at soul level you can continue to make decisions not aligned to your soul thus you continually move backwards and sideways. I would like to see you moving forward and that your hard earned money works well for you.  Choices you make are key to keeping our soul healthy and aligned.


This reading is a 1 hour delivered through an online teleconference format. You will discover current life and past life blocks and restrictions such as contracts with soulmates, vows made to other beings, spells and curses as well as negative astro travelling plus damage to your aura just to name a few possibilities. In this reading we look at what prevents you from moving forward.


Once you have made your payment please send an email to with the following information or you can add this to your payment process:

  1. Your full name at birth
  2. Your current name
  3. Your date of birth
  4. Your place/town of birth


This information is required to access your record in the Akashic records and to ensure truth and accuracy are obtained.


I will send you an acknowledgement email and present you with options times for your reading to be delivered.


Please refer to the Blocks and Restrictions page for further information.