What is a soul profile reading

Chloe is 32, she is one of many accountants (like her father) who work for a big corporation. She has a degree, is well paid, has a loving partner and her family is proud of her. A story of success, happiness and fulfillment, right?
Then why does Chloe feel something isn't quite right in her life...

A soul profile reading may reveal Chloe is accessing the positives and negatives of her soul group and divine gifts. Chloe has steely determination and a fear of displeasing others. Her divine gift is self-expression.


Chloe harbours a desire to be a dancer. But she was driven by influences to take a more 'secure' line of work. She chose to keep everyone happy and using her innate grit she powered through university and scored a secure and well paid position as an accountant.

There is a whole lot more to this profile then I am mentioning here but you get the drift. 

Chloe made decisions against who she is at soul level.

She undoubtedly experienced a lot of soul searching during this period of her life..

I have written this before and do so again: When you understand who YOU are at SOUL level you can begin to make choices that align to who you are at soul level. Thus, the magic starts to happen. The shift begins. The transformation starts. Abundance occurs. You know, the good stuff!



During this journey you will connect with your higher self and your spirit guides. You will feel their presence and notice the change in your life once you start making choices that align with your soul.

Its all up to you. Your spirit guides and higher self work for the highest good of you and all. You can't ask for their assistance and do nothing. It doesn't work that way. Because the power lies within you. 

You will discover how many spirit guides are assisting you at this time and when they came to you. Your soul group and divine gift/s will be revealed. You'll gain insights into your spiritual awareness. And what periods of history and spiritual teachings can  provide a positive influence in your life and much, much, more.

Armed with this information you can move ahead in your life making decisions that align to who you truly are AND enjoy the good that will follow by being who you are. Its not hard but its not easy either. You may have been making decisions that go against who you are for a long time and this will take time to change.

All of this and more will be discussed on our call.

If you are purchasing a soul profile reading I do encourage you to complete the blocks and restrictions with in a couple of weeks or a month. Knowing what these are and how to clear them makes living a life aligned to who you are at soul level much easier and more tangible. You also feel  a stronger connection to your higher self and spirit guides. This is because they are working very, very closely with you during the clearing process and visa versa. Honestly, I can not stress this enough.




Please note the Soul Realignment Reading contains the Soul Profile and Blocks and Restrictions.


How it works

I work with clients from all countries, as long as you speak and understand English (unfortunately, its the only language I speak and understand) - we're good to go.

I will need the following information from you.

  1. Your name at birth

  2. Your current name

  3. Your date of birth

  4. Your place/town of birth

You can supply this information by sending an email to info@soulconfidential.com alternatively I will contact you.

Once your payment has been processed. I will prepare your reading after 24 hours from purchase. I do this privately and by tapping into the 5th dimension. Please allow 3 days for this process to be completed.

Your reading will be ready to be delivered on or after the 4th day. You will receive an email with an option of times and days to choose from after payment has been processed.

On the day of the reading you will receive an email with a teleconference link and instructions on how to connect using your computer. 

I ask that you allocate private time for this call where no-one can disturb you. After all this is for your ears only in the first instance. Then it is up to you if you want to share the recording with others. A journey of transformation is generally a private matter until you're ready to share it with others.

This PR includes: 50 minutes

  • 30 minute Soul Profile reading

  • 20 minutes intention coaching

  • Recording of your Soul Profile reading

You can use your credit card your your Paypal account to purchase.

Please read our Refund Policy located at the foot of this website.