What is a Soul Release reading

For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light.
At times in our life confusion, frustration, heartache, anxiety, depression and bewilderment become unwelcomed visitors.

Nothing appears to be in the light. Answers are nowhere. Your motivation is waning.

Your exhausted from trying. Your swimming upstream encountering rapid after rapid. You can't make sense of it.

You may be feeling the affects of a past life or a parallel life. Perhaps you are astro travelling during your sleep to negative environments to visit a loved one from a past life.

Is something amiss in your life.

The Akashic records reveal information you need at this time in your life. There is always a cause and effect why things are not going to your plan, your choices.

Causes may not always be so recognisable but the effects certainly are - hence why life goes down the tube from time to time.


Could you recognise the affects of an independent thought form that has taken over your mental energy field or a past life vow made to another being which caused a tear in your aura at the 3rd energy centre.


You can identify the symptoms but you're not able to identify the cause and how it came to pass.

Do you feel as though you are not you - a rather odd feeling that you can't explain. But, you feel it.

Do you keep making the same mistake again and again. If so, you'll be familiar with thinking or hearing the words... "haven't you learnt yet!"

Your Akashic record contains all the thoughts you've ever thought, all the choices you've ever made and, the consequences of those choices. All the options open to you from every possible option (think of the movie sliding doors). In every lifetime past and present. Nothing is hidden. everything that needs to be revealed is revealed.

When we make a choice there is a consequence. When we think a thought and continue thinking that thought it becomes a form.


From all of these comes energy. We are energetic beings. We are affected by energy around us whether it be in this dimension or a parallel dimension. Whether it occurred in the past or now. We experience the affects and those are played out in our life.

We are energetic spiritual beings first. We are souls expressing ourselves as 3rd dimensional beings.

The soul desires to  express it self as a 3rd dimensional being. So experiencing the best of our time here is the most important aspect of this incarnation. Through the akashic records we can identify why things are  occurring AND, we can fix it.

A weight is lifted. An awakening occurs. Enlightenment happens. You can move ahead clearly and successfully manifesting your desires.

And, the most amazing aspect of all of this - you are in control. It only happens if you want it to happen. If you are willing and ready to make the changes. Its all doable. And, you're not alone.

How it works

I work with clients from all countries, as long as you speak and understand English (unfortunately, its the only language I speak and understand) - we're good to go.


I will need the following information from you.

  1. Your name at birth

  2. Your current name

  3. Your date of birth

  4. Your place/town of birth

You can send the above information via email at info@soulconfidential.com. I will begin your reading after 24 hours of your paymentbeing received. Please allow 3 days for this to be developed

Your reading will be ready to be delivered on or after the 4th day. I complete your reading in private by tapping into the 5th dimension where the akashic records are located. You will receive an email with an option of times and days to choose from for your reading to be presented to you..

On the day you will receive an email with a teleconference link and instructions how to connect through your computer. 

The call will be recorded so you can relax and take it all in. We will discuss what is revealed during the call. I like to keep our calls relaxed and informative and fun.

I ask that you allocate private time for this call where no-one can disturb you. Be in a place that can ensure your privacy. After all this is for your ears only in the first instance. Then it is up to you if you want to share the recording with your loved ones. A journey of transformation is generally private but - people will notice the change, they will ask, what's changed with you - just send them to me :)

The Soul Release Reading includes - 1 hour

  • 1 hour reading revealing your blocks and restrictions from current life and past lives

  • Recording of your reading

  • Clearing protocol via email

  • Intention directions


You can pay via your credit card or your Paypal account

Please read our Refund Policy located at the foot of this website