Virtual Soul Revelation


I had to think long and hard about presenting this virtual offer, why?

Have you ever been lost and had to find your own way without any one or any thing helping you? How much easier would it have been if a person was able to offer you assistance!

The virtual reading does not include a coaching aspect where you and I have dialogue about your reading. During this we discuss how the findings are showing up in your life - through choices made either in your past or present life and how you can use the information moving forward to realign your self with who you are at soul level. This option is not available with the virtual soul revelation reading.

You see I don't want you to struggle in your understanding and or making change. Then, I realised for me to think this way is to say the universe or spirit will leave you in such a state. I know that is not true. Therefore, it is my own mis-understanding that really prevents me from offering this service without added support. Once I accepted this there was no logical reason not to offer the virtual service to you.

And, there you have it - a doable and affordable way for you to experience a soul reading. 

The reason a person seeks a soul reading is to understand aspects of their self and their environment and how to better them. So, naturally, when you receive answers you do something with them otherwise the same remains. Of course the choice is always yours.

A soul revelation reveals a lot of information. And, it is generally fairly deep and can sometimes be confronting while at the same time liberating. Facts are facts. Reading the akashic records is a factual document about the decisions YOU made during all of your lives including your present life. When we seek answers for issues we are dealing with in our life they will be revealed. Nothing is hidden that will not come to light. You need to prepare your self to step back and look at what is revealed to you. Try to detach your self, meditate on the findings and develop a strategy to move forward with a new mind set.

Your reading will be approximately 40 minutes. You will gain understanding of your soul gifts and group, how many spirit guides are with you, your spiritual health and then we move into blocks and restrictions. 

Blocks and restrictions are created through choices you have made in all of your lives (past and present) that are influencing your decision today. I will be reading and asking for experiences that are no longer serving your highest good. The aim is to identify them and remove what we can and change thought patterns. Thus aligning your self with your Soul You. Remember, when we are aligned we're also aligned to universal energy; this includes the energy of intention thus we have the ability to manifest abundance.

I will record your reading. It will be sent to you via email as an MP3 file. You can download the recording to keep. You will want to listen to the reading over and over to gain clarity and realization.

The clearing of blocks and restrictions will be done immediately after your reading while I am in your akashic record. Together with your recorded reading you will receive your clearing protocol via email.



I can only read your akashic record if you give permission. You do this by providing the information below. No-one can read your akashic record without your permission.

If a person attempts to read your akashic record without your expressed permission they will not obtain truth and accuracy. They will create negative karma for themselves.

To attempt this is unprofessional. All energy is to be respected.

How it works

I work with clients from all countries, as long as you speak and understand English (unfortunately, its the only language I speak and understand) - we're good to go.


I will need the following information from you.

  1. Your name at birth

  2. Your current name

  3. Your date of birth

  4. Your place/town of birth

You can supply this information by sending an email to alternatively I will contact you.


Once your payment has been processed I will prepare your reading. I do this privately and by tapping into the 5th dimension. Please allow 4 days in total for your reading to be delivered to you.

This Virtual Soul Revelation Reading includes:

  • Approximately 40 minute reading 

  • Recording of your reading - MP3

  • Your Clearing Protocol delivered by email

You can purchase using your credit cards or through your Paypal account using paypal.